2003 yz450f forks on 2002 yz426f?

any chance it'll fit without to many mods?

any chance it'll fit without to many mods?

Should bolt right up the triple clamps '02 and '03 where 46mm, not sure about the front brake mounting...should.

according to: http://www.yamahaaccy.com its the same wheel axle (same number), but not the same caliper assembly ...

I am 90%+ sure they will slide into your existing clamps with no issues.

grayracer <- how about the "lower end"? disc/brake caliper?

i got a chance to buy an Ohlins fork for a few 100 bucks, but its from an 03 model ....

i'd go with the ohlins,i don't think there was a whole lotta differences in the 03 compared to the 02 yamaha forks? my suspension tuner in joisey is a ohlins rep he'd do ya right on a rebuild/revalve:thumbsup: didn't they switch to nissin calipers in 01?

thanks for the answers!

dont now which year they've changed, but i have a nissin caliper on my bike ...

I will give you what I can in the way of the dimensions of the caliper mount points after I get home today. Watch this space after 6:00pm PST. I think they are the same, but I'll look at mine for you.

grayracer <- thanks!

96-03 YZ forks are interchangeable.

That will bolt on.

The '03 fork does indeed fit. Tried the fork on an '01 wheel and it correctly bolts the caliper in position over the rotor. Whatever the change was, it was not to the mounting dimensions.


02 is the first year of the wider front hub. Thus the spacers are different from the previous years.

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