TPS Position?

I noticed that the 06 450WR TPS is slotted so it can be moved/rotated/re-positioned slightly. I had it apart this weekend (Power now & +) and put it in the center because I didn’t notice that it was slotted and as such I had no idea where it was.

So my questions are:

Has anyone played around with moving it?

Does anyone have any idea what effect moving it will have?

It’s my understanding that the TPS affects the timing so I can see where slightly retarding or advance it could make a difference. I’m just not sure if it’ll matter on this bike.

Thanks! :applause:

The manual has the adjusting procedure in it, might be good idea to use it....

Doh... :ride:

I see you went for the obvious.


But I'm still curious about what moving it would do...if anything.


On my 05 their is a Green paint mark to line it back up. You need to take the tank off to see it. I don't know what moving it will do.

The manual for my 2003 says move it and you will essentially die--it is set at the factory, blah, blah, blah.

A couple things.

I set it to mid spec. (Spec being .58-.78 v)

It idled at all setting although some settings increased the idle speed.

If you are going to mess with it it's best to get some small buss wire to shove into the connector because otherwise there's a good chance that you'll screw up the water seal if you shove the leads into the connector.

And after rich said that his had a paint mark I looked with a mirror and sure enough it has one and it's lined up. Live and learn... :applause:

Thanks guys - you rock. :ride:


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