03 WR450 4sale

Hey all you WR guys, a friend of mine here in Utah has a new 06 YZ450 coming in and is selling his 03 WR450. Thought I'd check to see if any of you around the Utah area would be interested. This would be one great deal for someone looking for an 03 and here's why, it has less than 500 miles (really), It has Pro Taper handle bars with Cycra hand guards, red anodized Applied triple clamps top and bottom, a Trail Tech computer, a JD jetting kit, A Scotts fuel screw, the 04 starter up grade, and its registered for the street. I told him he's crazy to leave all the stuff on it, but he doesn't want to go to the trouble to change everyhthing back, he has all the stock parts.

PM me with the price I know someone who may be interested.

PM me and let me know how much he wants for it. I'm in Northern Utah and I know someone looking for a WR450.

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