Thinking of buying a 02 426

$4200 Canadian. Good deal? Anything I should look out for?

for that much it should be in very good shape there are some in todays by@sell as cheap as 3500.

Yeah there are three of them, one for $3500, $4000 and $4500 with gear. The guy who is selling the one for $4500 said he would give it to me for $4200 without the gear, I may be able to get it lower.

my bike has had the same effect on several other people

What effect?

Anyone know anything that I should look out for when buying?

Defintely check out the drive train to see if it is shark-finning. If it is then you will have to replace that. Other wear and tear areas to look for are the frame rails right above the foot pegs. They can give an indication as to how much and how hard the beast gets ridden. Make sure to ask how often he has the top end rebuilt. technically speaking you should be rebuilding the top end regularly, especially if you're racing and riding hard a lot. If everything is still stock there may be a good chance that you will have to replace valve springs and/or valves, clutch plates, and the piston. This ain't cheap either cuz the Yammy 4's are basically a dual overhead cam and require quite a bit of labour to do the rebuilds. Whenever buying a used bike always ask where he gets it serviced and call the shop and start asking questions. I usually find that if I'm honest and polite and express my concerns about the quality of the product I'm buying the mechanics will be truthful and honest with you. Happy huntin!

dont know how things are done where you live, but over here its a must to take the frame number and call the police to check if its stolen .... sad but true ...

As a victim of bike theft I just want to say thanks so very much for that post. Seriously. That is a damned good idea and I hope everybody does just that. Thanks Fizz, you the man!

over here its a must to take the frame number and call the police

In the People's Republic of California, we have Certifcates of Title, which bear the legal owner's name and the vehicle ID number. Don't take one home without it.

If I were you, I would get at least an '03 or newer if you can afford it. I rode both when I was deciding on which big thumper I wanted to get and the 450 is loads better than the 426. But if you cant, the '02 would be the best choice, and it is still a sweet bike to ride. :applause:

I have an 02 426 in NC that I will sell you for 3k if you will pay to ship it. It had the cosmetic flaws you expect from an 02 and needs new graphics but brand new 756s and never lets me down. 3k USD is about 600 less that your 4200 CAD.

Email me at if you are intereted.

Look at the wear at the frame by the pegs, look at the drivetrain, look at the rims for wear marks for how many tires it has gone through, look at the fork seals for leaking, listen to the engine and make sure its not pinging or making valve noises and when you look at the bike let it warm up maybe ask if you can ride it up the street and back and just see if there is any oil anywhere around the engine after you are done. Look at how clean the oil is and the engine coolant (of course before you start it :ride: ) Just dip your finger in it or look into it and see if there is anything floating around.

I really like the 02 426 and think its an excellent bike. I really can't tell the power difference between the 426 and the 450 and I have ridden both....very similar. :applause:

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