oh no!!!

oh no!!!!!!!!!!i just took off my clutch basket cover and a needle bearing popped out. it's not the needle bearing that's goes to the pushrod.. what are other bearing could it be?

The only needle bearings in the engine that I know of/found in manual are the pushrod, balancer and rod bearings. How big is the needle?

it's smaller than te pushrod bearing..looks like about a 1/4 or a 5/16 bearing..

thanks!!good call! i think that's it.. time to start tearing down some more... i'll let you guys know! there was no spring but that doesn't mean thats not it!!

Maybe I am weird, but I think the inside of a mx thumpers motor is so interesting.

ok guys are you ready for this?? i am in the process of replacing the head because of wear. the valves and everything were fine but i noticed the end of my exhaust cam cap was cracked. well i didn't notice before but the ball bearing at the end of that cap popped out and went through the motor and ended up lodged in the clutch basket... what are the odds. the inside of the motor looks pretty good. i have to replace one gear but that's it.. these fourstrokes are interesting!!! thanks for all your help guys. i was about to take it to a shop but when you guys responded i decided just to go for it!! thanks again!!

You have great luck that didn't find its way between some other parts! Good find and good luck with the rebuild. Go buy yourself a lotto ticket while you're waiting for your parts to come in. :applause:

i never realized there was a ball bearing involved with cam removal? is it inside the cap for a oil check,and can only get out if broken?

:applause: ..... the pic shows a ball bearing not a needle bearing..... :ride:

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