oil from the breather hose ??

i just got my first yzf450 an 04 and i love doing wheelies on it i noticedthough that after riding and doing wheelies here and ther that thers alot of oil build up on the frame right were hose ends is this normal ?? becuase i noticed if i ride and dont do aany wheelies i dont have that problem i think its just from doing wheelies well any info could help thanks :applause:

I seriously dont think the buildup is from doing wheelies. Its probably from revving it more. I imagine the oil gets kicked/sloshed up and into the breather tube but I'm not for sure.

It's normal :applause:

Mine always does it....just a little.

Next time you have the cam cover off, just put a piece of low density foam or even scotchbrite in the cavity below the breather tube...it will just about eliminate all of the blow out. Tdub

Actually, by having some oil inside the tube will help catch dust from getting sucked up into the engine. A similiar scenerio is that we oil our air filters to help trap dust. My step-dad's Honda Shadow VLX came from the factory with a plug in the end of the hose, seems to me that would counteract the purpose of the breather hose.

Applied Racing makes a cool little kit that eliminates hose clutter on Honda's. It actually includes a little foam filter/end piece that you put on the end of the breather tube.

On my 426 I rerouted the breather to the airbox. I put the hose in the airbox by heating up a brass nipple and melting it into the airbox. Just like they suggested in dirtrider. Now when my bike leaks oil, like it always does, I just oil my air filter, ha ha, wrong kind of oil though. :applause:

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