Thinking of moving up from an xr400

I have been thinking about an xr650r lately, and I was just wondering...

How reliable is the engine compared top the xr400?

I know the xr4 is extremely reliable, but I know nothing about the xr650's.

I have read alot of posts on your section here, but when it comes right down to it, i don't know the main differences between the R and L motors other than liquid cooling on the R.

Does the engine design on the R compare more the the xr400, or is the xr400 closer to the L, and why?

Other than liquid of course!

How reliable is the engine compared top the xr400?

I know the xr4 is extremely reliable, but I know nothing about the xr650's.

They are different generations and different classes of bikes but both are traditional XR's as far as low maintenance and reliability go. The 400 is still an excellent trail bike and all rounder that a smaller rider might prefer for woods riding etc. For larger riders the weight difference isn't as consequential and the 650's much stronger power and open country performance might tip the scales. Depends on you and where you are riding.

The XR650R is near bullet proof even running low octane gas provided you do not bail off and trash the radiator or hoses.

The XR400 is near bullet proof even running low octane on stock motor. Keep it stock and it should match XR650R for reliability. Motor will hold up well to moderate mods but will run hotter.

My opinion is that because of the radiator vulnerability most would give the nod on very most reliable dirt bike of all time to the XR400. I believe the XR650R falls to second overall only because of radiator issue.

The XR400 and XR650L are both radial 4 valve motors. Going liquid cooled allowed Honda to use parallel valve arrangement on 650R which is supposedly more durable than radial arrangement.

Fair enough, I mean, I have the gordon mods done to my xr4, so its quick, but I know at the same time, that its only quick to about 100 km/h, anything more than that and its barely accellerating.

I'm 6'2" and 260 pounds, so I am not too concerned about muscling the bike.

Do similar mod's exist to "uncork" the xr650?

Have you thought about stepping up by stepping out of thr XR line?

Nope, i have already owned everyone elses crap.

I am sticking with the xr.

Its cheap to run, reliable as all ****.

I have tried everyones fancy high po 4 strokes, and I do not like rebuilding valvetrains.

If I were to go 2 stroke, it would have to be a cr500, and I don't see that as a very good trail bike.

Have you considered an XR600R? Reliable as a hammer, no radiators, comfy ride, cheap.

650r's are fairly cheap around here these days too

and I kind of like the idea of liquid cooling

Toph R, I bought a new 03 xr400 rode it for about six months and in that time and wondered what about the 650R? So I sold the xr400 with no other reason than wanting the 650R, as you know of course the 400 is an awesome bike, I'm 5'10, 160 lbs. and absolutely LOVE my Pig!! I wish I would have bought it first instead of the 400, I live in PA and rocks, roots, trees and woods are my passion and would not trade this bike for anything! It is the absolute DO IT ALL! BIKE! Ask anyone that owns one and they will tell you the same thing! your a big guy go with the 650R, you will not be disappointed!!

You will like the 650R since you get all the performance available and a bike that is just as realiable as your 400. For a guy your size you will have no problem with the bike on the trails either. Both bikes are great choices but the 650R will have a lot more power :applause:


I've had XR's since '87 when I had an XR200, then I moved up to a '96 XR400 and then I moved up to the '00 650R in '02. Every one of the bikes were bullet proof. It will be a sad day when XR's are no longer made. I can only hope the CRF6xx bike is half as good as the Pig.

The 650R is a smile machine, period. Every bit as reliable, but with more torque and power than most can ever use. It has the usual uncorking/rejetting routine, and there are a few weak spots to watch out for, clutch bushing on early models, right side footpeg etc... All well reported and documented and cheap/easy to fix.

At your size and weight you should have no problem with the extra weight of the Pig. I'm ~215lbs 6ft. Keep in mind, you will want stiffer springs, stock springs are for ~180lb riders, and you will want tall aftermarket handlebars. Triple clamps that move the bars forward to open up the cockpit for a guy your size would be a nice touch also. Not required, but would be nice.

Immediately join the Yahoo XR650R group and start reading old posts, this is the 650R resource. Also, for the usual mods/maintenance etc... Good luck.

I love you guys, you are like the friend that always tells you what you want to hear!!

buy the toy!!

In the spring...i shall!!!

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