man....lets all just have a beer and...then we can do some A$$ beatin .... :ride: ... :applause:

yep, and trails are no place for a motorcycle. :applause:

I thought this was a DIRTBIKE forum. Maybe you should go back to the Greenpeace and Sierra Club forums so you can rant your greenie agenda. Many of us do not have the luxury of bicycling to work like you elitists. If you really want to make a difference in the world write your congressman (or congresswoman) to ask to have your bicycle regularly registered each year to make some type of contribution for new bike lanes and the privilege to complain if you roads do not suit your bike ridding needs. Since you Liberals want to tax everyone to death to fit your agendas you would be the most popular person with all your bike riding friends. Put up or shut up as the saying goes. You forget that diving on roads and having a driving license is a privilege not a right. Maybe those who choose to ride there bikes on public roads should be required to pass ,and regularly renew, a license that shows you know the basics of courteous and safe bike riding. I'm sure you would agree that would be good for all to have? You could argue that it is for the good of the children.Are you sure you are from Nevada, or did you just move there? Is that a noisy plane I hear? BTW if we "dickhead dirtbike riders" did not exist who would pay for trail maintenance? Harsh words for such a peacenick, you should move over my way where the thinking is more in tune with your opinions. :ride:

man....lets all just have a beer and...then we can do some A$$ beatin .... :ride: ... :applause:

I'm on my sixth, :p then I'm going to ride my bike to the store to pick up a twelver, it has a basket with a flower on it and the beer fits perfect in it. :p

I'm on my sixth, :ride: then I'm going to ride my bike to the store to pick up a twelver, it has a basket with a flower on it and the beer fits perfect in it. :p

Too funny! :p:applause:

I'm only on my 4th............

The funny part is that mountain bikes do almost as much damage to mother earth as our dirt bikes

which is to say..... NONE.... I want a bumper sticker that says "Errosion Happens!!!"... how do they (whoever it is that thinks that bikes OR cycles ruin the trails) figure these hills and valleys came to be in the first place? Where do they think the dirt goes? outerspace?... roosting a little dirt 1 meter to the left of somewhere in the woods does NO permanent or noticeable damage whatsoever... NONE....

now when it comes to pounding through wetlands and the such, there is some argument to be made... but there is absolutely no evidence to support such actinos

I'm on my sixth, :p then I'm going to ride my bike to the store to pick up a twelver, it has a basket with a flower on it and the beer fits perfect in it. :lol:

:p:p:lol::p:p;):p:applause: thats funny bro!.... :ride: ride on....

its really dumb when they get pissy about motorcycles and atvs when they go to a riding area that is designated as a motorized ohv area and is not a shared use area :applause:

which is to say..... NONE....... roosting a little dirt 1 meter to the left of somewhere in the woods does NO permanent or noticeable damage whatsoever... NONE....... there is absolutely no evidence to support such actinos

I hike. I ride mtn bikes. I ride dirt bikes. Where I live on LI there are no legal motorized vehicle trails. There are plenty of mtn bike trails, hike only trails and equestrian only trails. I stick to the mtn bike trails. But dirt bikes and quads do ride on the mtn bike trails. And I can say for sure that they definitely do way more damage to the trails than the mtn bikes. Maybe it's the sandy terrain around here, but lips get worn away and flats turn to sand pits. Nice vert drops have turned to gently sloping hills. That doesn't happen because bikers are dropping into them, and they're certainly not riding up them, but the dirt bikes are, and that's what wears them away. So I get PO'd when they do ride around here.

Back on topic. Anyone and everyone can be a D*** head. Like many others, I have run into hikers and horses on my mtn bike and hikers on my dirt bike. We've all been cool to each other. But I feel it's easy enough in most cases to shut my bike down and let the more primitive modes pass, and maybe this earns me some points in their eyes. Just a few months ago while riding my dirt bike, I ran into a couple of families hiking with children. I went back a couple hundred yards to get a pair of sunglasses they had dropped. Then I hung for a few and let them get ahead. After giving them plenty of time, I started up the hill, and when it got so hairy that I couldn't stop, they cleared the trail for me, and on I went.

So, as someone else said (and much more eloquently than I), words are only words, be the better man. Of course, I have a very hard time subscribing to that logic. I would have roosted them too. :applause:

I ride Road Bikes, Mtn. Bikes and a motorcycle. Most of the Mtn bikers here are cool and many actually use MTB as training for MX or Enduros. THe trails here are specific for motorized or non and there is no mixing so we don't have problems mixing apples and oranges so to speak. I have heard that the MTB riders out west are more the enviro-Nazi types and after reading this I believe it. We have a few of those here, but they are so outnumbered they usually keep their mouths shut.

Plus they are afraid to death of the Quad riders :ride: .....I knew there was purpose for those neanderthals :p

We have more problems with hunters than other trail users. Many of the hunters are real ********. Of course they are usually riding quads, so that figures. :applause:

We have a lot of Kalifornians who've moved to this side of the state who complain about everything. There's a group of them now who moved next door to a local municipal airport that want to have it shut down because it's too noisy . Did they buy their houses sight unseen or what?...SC

Oh, and with regard to this. LI is just as bad as CA. People started building houses next to the drag strip which had been there for many years before any houses. Now they've had it closed down. The same goes for firing ranges, Fire house horns and airports. And just think of how your quality of life would have been compromised if they didn't squash the idea of a new shopping mall or another Home Depot. Around here, what the people want (or don't want) they get.

Unfortunately, I'm in the minority. :applause:

Ok... To start with, VORRA65 is preaching the dirt bike gospal. I totally agree. I also mntbike, but I haven't where there are dirt bikes. Not on purpose though. But, I have to say that other dirt bikes on the trails can be big a$$holes too. At some of the parks around here ( Prairie City, Carnagie and Hollister ) it gets so crowded, that some of the other dirt bikes go roosting around so fast that it gets very unsafe for the less experience riders. That's just plane dangerous. And I am sure that some of you agree. At least mntbikers are slow and predictable., but anyway.

For those anti Sierra Club fans... I have a big sticker on the back of my big piggish 8,000lb Ford f350 diesel that likes to blow big black smoke that says "SIERRA CLUB SUCKS" and I am very proud of it, too!!! :applause:

I'm surprised it too so long for this thread to become yet another anti-California thread....

It's all those damn Nevada Mountain bikers that are ruining it for everyone... hahahahahaha :applause:

I just wanted to post a little more verbage to keep this current. This is not only great reading, but great opinions from all. I don't think that this is the wrong forum, as a matter of fact, it doesn't get any more appropriate than this. Bicyclist affect us all, good or bad, road or dirt.

I do think that there should be more consideration from bicycles on the road when it comes running stop signs and being in the way on the narrow roads etc,. The roads were made for cars and to only accommodate bicycles.

The trails on the other hand at the local OHV parks should not allow bicycles for simple fact of safety. I have only seen them at Hollister, and felt that they were in the way and unsafe. I've got mixed feeling about this because I mntbike too, but, when I hear about them complaining about dirtbikes at parks for the dirtbikes, they should be given the royal enviro boot.

Ok, don't get me started.

This is good stuff to vent about during the wet months...Merry Christmas to all of you tread lightly people and have a great new year...


P.S. Did I mention Merry Christmas? Why, yes I did. Here it is again.

Merry Christmas :applause:

I thought this was a DIRTBIKE forum. Maybe you should go back to the Greenpeace and Sierra Club forums so you can rant your greenie agenda.

what the hell are you talking about? i own and ride a bicycle so i'm a greenie liberal? hello, on earth people would wonder about the logical processes that would lead you to such a mistaken conclusion. i'm an active member of BRC and probably the single hardest-working activist for motorized recreation in white pine county. please get a clue before shooting off your mouth.

some of things i have posted in this thread are examples of an advanced form of discourse known as 'irony'. i.e., it's ironic that some people who whine and bitch about being excluded from trails are perfectly happy to exclude other people. that's called being a selfish shortsighted prick, and it contributes to us losing trails.

no question there are stupid bicyclists out there that are just looking for trouble. riding 2 abreast in most situations qualifies as being pretty dumb. imho, and also in my experience, those guys are in the minority

Not in Tucson, they're everywhere! I see them doing it ALL the time...

I ran into some horse lovers on my quad its a 2003 kawi prairie so its not that loud and i was sitting there waiting for them to pass but one of them waved me on so as i stated to ride past them one horse started to freak out so i stopped and turned off the quad and the lady started to yell at she was saying "I should get off this horse and kick your ass." that pissed me the **** off so i started to yell at her and told her to get off the horse and come and fight (I really don't like to hit any girl trust me) but i hate hippy's so after that i went back to my trailer to get my 2003 YZ250F with a full factory 4 exhaust and i went out to find them again but they where gone

Whenever there's any sort of scuffle in these forums, posters start spewing the word "liberal." It seems that "liberal" is a versatile word these days, that is perfect for anyone who disagrees with you, regardless of the person's actual political ideaology. I've been called a "liberal" many times on these forums just for disagreeing with someone's post that had absolutely nothing to do with who I voted for or anyone's political agenda. I can't imagine that anyone who loves riding a 2-wheeled vehicle off-road could be a true liberal in the American sense of the word. Mountain bikers are fighting the same battles that we are to preserve trails. The Sierra Club thinks of mountain bikes and motorcycles as the same menace. If a mountain biker curses a dirt biker, than he/she is simply ingnorant. Most mountain bikers know this.

I love the sign at the entrance to Moab's Slickrock Trail. It reads, in so many words, that motorcyclists were the OG riders of this trail, and that they should be respected. If only other multi-use areas would have a sign like that, maybe the a-hole MTB riders would understand.

Despite the sign, the look I got from many mountain bikers as I passed them on my 450 was comical. It wasn't a look of hostility, it was a look of "holy $hit, I'm from Cali and I've never seen one of those!!! A motorbike with nobby tires, what's that?"

I rode it the next day on my mountain bike. What a great place Moab is. Funny how it remains a place of natural splendor, despite the 2 and 4 wheeled menaces that plague the area.

BTW, I just built up a Seven Sola titanium hardtail and it is sweeeet! The only "full suspension" I need is on my WR 450. Gotta go ride some singletrack.

Good Post Charles!

Ya, If your a real "Liberal" or "Tree Hugger" or whatever, you want to turn our public lands into "Wilderness" which essentially means walking only, if that.

I think the main problem in urban sprawl, they don't want to close areas because of the numerous trails, they want to close them to build condos and golf courses.

Ya, If your a real "Liberal" or "Tree Hugger" or whatever, you want to turn our public lands into "Wilderness" which essentially means walking only, if that.

actually, liberal political thought is not really related to tree-hugger-ness. i'm not sure most of youse guys know what liberalism really mean, except the crap you hear on fox news. plenty of dirtbikers are fairly liberal politically. here's the wikipedia definition:

Liberalism is an ideology, or current of political thought, which strives to maximize liberty through individual rights. Liberalism seeks a society characterized by freedom of action for individuals, characterized by limitations on government power, the rule of law, the free exchange of ideas, and economic freedom. Liberalism rejected many foundational assumptions which dominated most earlier theories of government, such as the divine right of kings, hereditary status, and established religion, instead favoring pluralism and (usually) democracy. The fundamental principles of liberalism include individual rights (the right to life, liberty, and property); equal rights for all citizens under the law; a free market economy; government with the consent of the governed as determined by open and fair elections; and transparency in government.

sounds to me like treehuggers are generally NOT liberals, in particular because they support only the freedom of *certain* actions by individuals.

The word "liberal" is being thrown around these days with a disrespect that rivals the misuse of the word "cami" in the McCarthy era. 99% of the people who use it have absolutely no idea what it means.

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