Clark may not answer due to the fact that he was celebrating Reggie Bush winning the Heisman. He figures since they will loose the Rose Bowl that they need to celebrate now!

Then he stayed in Cali for the "Remember Tookie" Memorial Party.

:applause::ride::p:p:lol::p:p:lol::p:p;):p:p;):bonk::bonk::mad::eek::eek::eek::eek::lol::lol::p:p;):mad::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry: :cry: :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::smashpc::smashpc::smashpc::smashpc::smashpc::smashpc::smashpc::smashpc::smashpc::smashpc::smashpc::smashpc::smashpc::smashpc::smashpc::smashpc::smashpc::smashpc::smashpc::smashpc::smashpc::smashpc::smashpc::smashpc::smashpc::smashpc::smashpc::smashpc::smashpc::smashpc: :smashpc: :smashpc::crazy: :crazy:

DAMN if that was me I would have turned my bike up the hill gone past him a bit and spun up that mountain in roost and laughed my ass off. Then told him if he loves the mountain so much he can take a bit home with him. - :applause::ride:

Can the guy who started this thread clarify one thing.......was the trail clearly designated for multiple use? Dirtbikes, MTB, hikers, etc.........

There are no designations per se as it is singletrack cut through cheatgrass. The cut roads are all designated for horses, bikes and OHV's so there are no trails designated for a single type of transportation that I've ever seen.

anything p!ss you off this week clarke?

feel free to share it with us

As a matter of fact, yes! When people misspell my name by adding an "e" at the end of it, I get mad as hell! :applause::ride:


our riding areas are being invaded by HUNTERS. They are a little harder to handle . One even told me that he was told to run off dirt bikers by the guy who's house I was parked at.I try to just grin , ask what section and were he will be shooting and stay away. Too much conflict and I'm afraid they just tell me not to ride there anymore . It's better to share than to sit at home


Wait till they start shooting at you :applause:

Its actually more common then you think.

Wait till they start shooting at you :bonk:

Its actually more common then you think.

I carry while I ride. And I'll shoot back. And I tell everyone who even kids around about it. I have had shots fired over my head while riding. Not fun. :applause:

Last year riding Tahoe I ran into two spandex jockeys. Did the polite thing and let them ride by. Got the same type reaction, :applause: and called an Adam-Henry for sharing the trail.

What is it with the spandex crowd anyway? I mean, is it because their parents told them not to ride motorcycles because they are too dangerous so they smoked a lot of pot and now feel guilty so they ride $5K bicycles in the forest to work up a sweat to feel good about themselves?

Hate them on the pavement and off. Got my Class 4 (now M) when I was 15.5yrs and have not peddled since!


I think you did the right thing. While I agree that we need to convey a positive image to those we share the trails with, some of those people absolutely will not be swayed. They hate us and no matter what we do or how we act, that won't change. When that becomes obvious, then the gloves may as well come off. That must be the last option, no matter what. We want the trails to be available to our kids for riding with their kids.

I'm always looking for fisticuffs when going riding, or just driving around town.

Why, one time, I was riding up in the local mountains and I stopped for some horses and thought, "&%$#@! would Chuck Norris do?"

I then round house kicked a bunch of them MF 'ing horses, killing about a dozen of em before I had to stop so I could refresh with some Capri Sun sports drinks.

By the time I was ready to whoop ass again all them other guys took off down the mountain.

Boy was I sore about that.

Chuck Norris would have finished the job.

Chuck Norris? You know Steven Segal would kick his ass!

Chuck Norris? You know Steven Segal would kick his ass!

You're drunk. No sober person would ever say that.

If I were you I'd watch the hell out for a mid 60s white man with a mullet, hairy chest and a bad attitude coming your way.

Your'e gay if you like Chuck Norris!

Both suck dude! That was my point.

you should have chased him down to roost him. If he wants to love Mother Earth so much, he can eat her too.

Chuck is the bomb. Steven is alright but Arnold would waste 'em both. :applause:

Screw the treehuggers thats all i have to say

I hate you guys! You've got hills and stuff. :applause::bonk:

You did nothing wrong..... Kill them with kindness as someone mentioned, that's a great rule.

Don't take it out on the next guy though, he might be cool and nod back.

I hike, yes backpack into the woods and sleep on top of mountains for fun. I make sure I'm on hiking trails to avoid any unwanted noise. I have seen a few moto guys in the morning on the lower level trails and they usually slow way down until we pass, that is much appreciated as some times I don't know if they see me or not.

Everyone just needs to learn how to play nice together. If us moto guys push too hard the woodheads get all lawyer on are a$$ and if the woodheads cry foul too much people stop listening. It's a fine line we all need to walk.

I was riding my MTN bike near Mammoth mountain when two 2-smokes passed me on either side and completely dusted me out!! I went off trail and down the mountain side into pumice. When the dust cleared I could not find my bike! It was gone. It was completely buried under the dust. I had to feel around the dust to find my bike. I found the bike and it was so packed with the volcanic crap it would not shift. Caught up to the 2-smokes loading their bike into a pick-up. It was two chicks! They apologied and offered me a ride. Now I ride a WR450 and I don't have that problem anymore.

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