Al Pivonka

I recieved a e mail in regards on a top clamp and bars for sale from a (Al Pivonka), Not sure if it's a joke or ??

The second e mail i recvd. my computer said there was a possible worm :p trying to do what ever so i deleted your e mail... :ride:

So if your real i'll assume u hang out here due to it's parts for a XR650R... :applause:

pm me here on TT and let me know if your still interested in the parts... :p

Al is real.. :ride::p:p

Thanks Al...... :applause:

Heck, might as well take this opportunity to tell ya's a little about myself.

I own two bikes, a 2003 KTM 450exc for woods riding and it is tricked out with custom suspension, unabiker bar risers and a Trick Dual Sport kit.

I purchased this fall a 2000 Honda XR650R for long distance rides, like which I organize each year. If you are intersted just join us.

I am enjoying the upgrades for the BRP thus far:

1) Uncorked OEM Parts.

2) Acerbis 6gal tank.

3) I have made saddle bags for it out of these 561612.jpg

4) Adding a Ricky Stator.

5) Trick Dual Sport Kit.

7) Having Unabiker do some fab work for mutiple things, skid plate & small tool box, heat sheilds, rad guards etc.

8) Adding a Applied top clamp and new bars.

She should be ready for the 2006 Running of the SpringTAT

Al, are you dual sporting your XR ? Was just wondering why the Ricky stator or just a bigger headlite.. :applause:


Yes, I am dual sporting it..

The KTM only holds 1.2 liters of oil and 5 & 6th gear are not as strong as the BRP.

plus, the Trick Dual sport kit has two settings, day riding -- which is fine with the stock stator, yet the setting for night riding the kit requires more power.

I love this kit.

Honda over builds their bikes, KTM builds them to race, or at least Honda use to over build them.

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