Rear wheel

I am looking to get a rear wheel for my WR - what is the ball park price that some of you are paying for your extra wheel (rim,hubs,spokes, sprocket, rotor) on ebay. I don't want to jump at the first thing I see if its overpriced

ARin just got one for $150 on the "Bay"...SC

ARin just got one for $150 on the "Bay"...SC

Thats not typical though. A brand new wheel (rim, spokes, hub, rotor and/or sproket) will cost about $500-600 new. Which is why I have only one set of wheels.


I have a complete rear wheel for sale. $150 is way cheap and not typical. I have seen them go for over $350 on Ebay. Let me know if you are interested and what a fair price would be. This is complete ready to ride including tire rotor sprocket etc. I also have a complete front that is silver and complete front minus tire that is black.

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