Clutch Noise

Do clutch throw-out bearings on the "R" go bad and make a noise when you pull in the clutch lever? Kind of a chattering noise. Intermittent, but definitely gets your attention when it does it.

Check your basket for grooving. Mine made some screeches before.

Are you aware of the clutch bushing problem on the '00- ~'02 bikes? They are known to gall up and ruin your clutch basket. There is an updated part# for all the newer model bikes, it has more oil holes etc... It's easy to change and the part is cheap. Look into it ASAP before you have to buy a new clutch basket that's VERY expensive. The updated part# is 22116-MBN-671. You will need a new lock nut also as you will have to grind the staking out of the stock one. Read up on it here;

One of the first things I did was replace the clutch bushing. It started making a chattering noise when the clutch lever was pulled in all the way, not when slipping the clutch to apply power. I put in an extra metal plate this summer to eliminate slipping and basket looked like new.

This chattering noise started right after dumping bike onto a small log on the clutch side. Exterior looks fine, so I don't know if the timing is coincidence.

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