xr 600 carb problem

i'm new to the world of XR's i have a 96 xr 600. the problem is the choke butterfly is sticking. when i opperate the choke lever i have to manually reach to the carb and move the butterfly lever. i know that it is supposed to spring closed on it's own.. i've tried cleaning the carb really well but still no difference.. .. PLEASE HELP!! any suggestion greatly appriciated thanks

What makes you think its supposed to spring back by itself?

Im not saying it doesnt, but Ive never seen one that did, or was supposed to :applause:

i have a friend with an xr 400 that has the same choke set up, and his springs back.

springs back after warming up?

Mine has a bit of spring action to it, but it's not moving on its own...that's for sure.

The choke is a manual choke. It's not like the bi-metalic coil auto setting chokes on older holley carbs :applause:

The choke lever has 3 positions, there is a spring loaded ball that pops into 3 different holes to lock it into the off/half choke/full choke position. Under no circumstances do any XR choke levers open/close by themselves unless they are broke, I've had an XR 200, 400 and now 650R since '87. Maybe your friend has an aftermarket carb? Pull your seat/tank and inspect how the lever works. It should lock into each position.

On a separate note, the XR600's did have a problem with the choke flap spring breaking. Look into it, XR's Only has a replacement that supposedly fixes the weak stock setup. Otherwise, it will make short work of your motor when it gets sucked through the carb into the head.

Ive seen some of the carnage from the OEM choke plate disassembling itself while the motor was running...not good....

I agree with Snaggle on this one...Get that choke flap looked into first, then sort out the lever. Have you checked that the pivot screw on the lever is tight? If it has worked loose there is a slim chance that the sprung ball is not locating in its positioning holes.. :applause:

i may have not been clear enough, but it's not the lever that i'm having problems with. it locks in position just fine. but when you put the choke lever to the choke position the choke flap does not close like it should . i have to manually close it.. any ideas???

First question is: how do you close it manually? I'm assuming its a standard Keihin carb? Sounds to me like the arm isn't locating on the pivot pin.

Is the lever on the bars or the carb?

the arm is on the carb, i'll take a picture to better explain it!


notice in both pics wether the choke arm is up or down, the silver choke piece stays in the same position.. that is what i have to manually rotate to turn on the choke.. hope this helps!


Hey. I have the same prob on my bike ( 94 xr600r ). Its not that big of a deal. I think that a spring that holds it against the lever is broke or missing. I just pull the lever down to choke position and then push the butterfly arm down to the lever. once the bike starts it will usualy go back half way on its own.

let it run a minute and you can close, Or rather open the choke completly and not worry about it again untill you next time you start it with a cold engine !!!

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