Doing an update on my street-legal package, and I'm wondering if any supplier is on the pulse with this idea.

I like 'em because they're durable and last forever, and they are bright

I know about a spinning rear brake light (l.e.d.).

I have the Acerbis Rally guards with Turn Signals,

And some flush mount signals for the rear, which need replacement.

This would really help out the 8 AA pack that comes with the Baja Designs Kit.

Already wound the stator for a 110/90 bulb-that was well worth it.

Thanks in advance.

On a separate but related note; What configuration did you use to wind your stator? Size of wire, number of turns per pole, number of poles etc... Are you using the stock regulator/rect. or Baja Designs reg/rect? More info please. I've got a dually 55/60W setup that I'm getting ready to hook up.

Had Baja Designs rewind the stator-I have no technical data for you.

On a related note: I found out that my set-up will run HID LIGHTS, which I want to do on the bike, and a quad I have.

I have a Baja Designs Reg/REC

Are you looking for LED indicators or something else? As far as indicators, there are probably lots of different ones available. I just put these on my XR: http://www.daveysprocket.com/images/bikes/xr600/indicator_new.jpg

They seem to be good quality. I think I bought them from www.bikebandit.com

The only issue is that there does not seem to be enough resistance to get the relay to cycle, so they were just staying on instead of blinking. I hooked up just the fronts along with the stock Baja Designs indicators in the rear, and they are cycling fine. I should just need to add some resistors, though I have not figured that out yet.



Good Info!

But I want a set of flush mount for the rear-every once and a while I throw the whole bike down

I just installed a set of flush-mount LED indicators that I'm very pleased with. Every set I've seen until now I though was pretty damn ugly, but Lockhart Phillips just came out with a set called the 'Scoop' indicator. I tried in vain to find pictures on the web, but there are a few auctions for them up on Ebay. Click here. They run $19.99 a pair, but work well and are very low profile.

Note: They are MUCH smaller than they look in the pictures. They are -tiny-.


I saw those, but the picture from Ebay helped. The size is perfect-because the light is bright.

Now I'm going to work on that resistance equation-who would of thought we would need a way to dump power because the lights dont draw enough for a relay?


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