YZ 450 front wheel help!!!!!!

I need a wheel for the front of a 2003 yz 450f. I have bought two off of fleabay and the hubs are too short. Outside surface bearing (this is where the spacers sit when they are properly installed) measurement should be 3.463" but the hubs I have received both measure 2.658" . Point being does anyone have a wheel that will definitely fit the front of a yz450 they will sell?

Okay, the 02 model year was the first year of the wider hub on the YZ bikes (from the previous 96-01). So 02-05 should use the same spacers.

My guess is you are getting pre 02 wheels. No problems. Find out what year the wheel came from and buy the spacers for the year of that WHEEL. Then things will fit great for you. You could probably just buy spacers off a 2000 model year bike and be good to go actually.

if you use the spacers from the 01 wheel they will fit the 02 through 05 the 06 is 2 mm wider yet.

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