Red hot exhaust

Yep, this red hot exhaust thing has been brought up before. It alarmed me the first time I saw mine in the dark cave of a garage I had. Don't worry about it, some guys think it is because of being too lean but a properly jetted machine will do the same thing.

As far as the 4 stroke kick back on the kick-starter, I have a story when I was 8yrs old and blew up my yz 80. I was flat out on a logging road near my grandfathers house when she let go- I left skid marks from the tire locking up for about 30 yards. Being so young I really did not know what happend to the engine so I flipped the kick starter out and gave it a hard kick. The starter went down half way and stoped (my foot hurt for weeks after that)! :applause:

We had the same red pipe kinda thing in some tight single track, but then when my dad tipped over it briefly lit up some leaves. Kinda freaked us out.

I'm suprised the glowing header thread got this many replies.

I'm suprised the glowing header thread got this many replies.

Well, there were a bunch of off topic replies in here... Like yours.

And this one...

And this one... :applause:

Kick back? how about the old tt500?had a sight glass to find tdc.If done right it was no problem but if done wrong watch out!Seemed like the BSA victor had a spark advance didnt it?and the matchless?SP?

Victor didn't. Older BSA singles often did, as did several older model Matchlesses. Interestingly, the road models and twins had trhe retard levers for longer than the competition models. The retard levers were really never very necessary, although it the case of the 19S, it was a good idea.

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