650R Gel seat pad anyone ??

Has anyone tried one of the Gel seat pads like from Saddleman on the 650R or anything else for that matter ?? I do some distance riding on the 650R (Duel sport) and even with the Guts tall seat it's not that good.. Surely some of you guys have tried one of those Gel pads you just strap onto your seat.. Input please before I spend more useless money trying to get this seat thing sorted out.. :applause:

I just went with a soft std. size seat foam and a gripper seat(a must, IMO) and do not get monkey butt really at all anymore. Although I'm not on the seat too much.

If your are looking for a quality Dual sport seat check out http://www.renazco.com/

in the past, I've owned gel pads, Corbin seats, Airhawks pads, etc, etc, ... Im back to my old standby, a sheepskin thrown over the seat ... it just dont get any better :applause:

Renazco Racing rocks, I just got my XR650R seat back from James (the owner) and it is unreal. I'm 6'6", he made it 3 inch's taller than stock, changed the shape, and uses special foam and a suede cover. The bike now fits perfect and the seat eliminates allot of vibration when on the road, very comfortable. Give him a call, he's a real gentleman and a pleasure to work with. He's really into getting it right for each individual. Highly recommended.

Now with a testimonial like that you have to include pictures in order to make it complete. I've been thinking about doing the same so pics would be great. :applause:

Yes I will, I also promised to send James some pics as well. My friends said it looks like a "Steve Stackable" seat. If you were a motocrosser in the 70's you would know, he was real tall and had a very tall seat on his Maico. I will try and post a pic by tomorrow.

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