Any dyno charts on the new 06 450?

I will have for both the new 450F and 250F in about a week when i take them in to get jetted properly

I'm curious about this too. The paperwork on mine states 60hp, assuming its at the crank or just a manufacturers claim. The dealer was going on and on about what a monster it is, that it puts out more peak horsepower than the YZF450 atv that shares the same motor and even more than their 700cc model atv. Whatever, its fast and puts a huge grin on my face every time i twist the throttle! This bikes gonna turn me into a boost-headed goon rider!

any one with a 06 450 in the denver area can contact me for a free dyno tuning session.

The ATV version of the Honda and Yammi 450 are very under-powered compared to the MX bike... They put out high 30's HP compared to high 40's for the bike. The craptor put out around 35 hp and the new FI 700 is probably right round 40, still no comparison to the 450 bikes..

That is something quad riders always seem to forget. I have a friend who has a YFZ450 and he thought it was fast. Until he road my 450. He doesnt try to brag about his quad to me anymore.

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