Large Gas Tank Question

I recently installed the Clark tank on my 00WR400. I only put the petcock from the old tank back on. However, it has the holes so that a second petcock can be added from the other side. I have the White Brothers header which is a little higher than stock which also allows access to the oil filter. Just from eyeballing it, it looks like I would have room to add the second petcock. Has anyone had any problems doing this with it being so close to the exhaust header? I would think this would be a common thing to do on large tanks. Thanks in advance for any assistance. P


I have also recently installed a large capacity Acerbis tank on my 2001 YZ. The right side petcock, especially in the 'on' position, is very close to the stock header. With it being made of some type of plastic, I am concerned about future problems. I am toying with the idea of steel braided fuel line but am also concerned about the close proximity of the petcock lever. My temporary solution is to leave the darn thing in the 'off' position until absolutely necessary! My Engineering way of thinking is getting the best of me on this one :)



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i have the large ims tank on my wr and have no problems. the fuel will keep things cool. i know it sounds weired but the space and aviation industry often locate things in or near fuel tanks to keep them cool. the biggest drawback i can see is the best way to place the petcock is backwards.


Like the other guy, I have an Acerbis and stock header. I don’t believe this tank will fit with any of the higher aftermarket headers.

The right petcock becomes too hot to touch after running for a while. I wrapped my pipe with insulating header wrap (any hot rod store will have it) from just under the front of the heat shield all the way to the pipe connection. This helped a lot, and is something you may consider for your right petcock on your Clark tank.

I already had the wrap, I used it on my old PC T4 header on my ’00 to keep the melted pants to a minimum.

Thanks guys. I really like that idea about wrapping the header with the insulation wrap. Although my leg never comes into contact with it while riding, it could be really nasty if the bike fell on my leg on that side. :) P

I sent an email to Clarke regarding this exact questions - IE: RHS fuel line too close to header pipe. Advise back from Clarke was that a RHS fuel petcock shouldn't be required as the fuel should be able to drain to the standard LHS petcock through normal riding. If a RHS fuel line is desired, then Clarke's advise was to use a metal fuel line (as already stated above) & Zip-Tie it up & out of the way of the header as best as possible.

Thanks Nev-WR! I will try to take it out for a little while sometime this week-end. My shoulder is still pretty tendor though. Maybe what i'll do is drain most of the gas and see how it behaves when the fuel runs low. Talk to you later, Paul


One thing I noticed on the WR250F is that the Clarke tank sits a bit too close to the rear shock clicker on the RHS. My tank was touching. I have stuck a 1/8" palstic packer under the rubber mount fitted under the tank in an attempt to "raise" the tank a bit & thus clear the shock clicker. Do/did you have this hassle? If so how did you fix? Thanks.


I had the same challenge with my Acerbis tank on my 2001 YZ426. I tried to twist the shock in its mount but it did not maintain the clearance. I have placed a piece of neoprene between the adjuster and the tank and have had no problems with this fix.



Life is nothing but a game.... he who has the most fun wins!

Hey guys, I didn't notice it on either of my bikes. But, I will be doing some work on my WR so will check it out carefully. Thanks for the heads up. P :)

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