Q2 exhaust

I was wondering if anybody here runs the FMF Q2 exhaust with the powerbomb header? I currently have a White Bros R4 exhaust on my YZ426 but it is way too loud. I am just wondering if I will feel any performance loss with the Q2 and powerbomb combo. Anybody have any experience with this setup? I just don't want to be kicked out of any OHV parks or get a ticket for a noisy bike.

I used to have an R4 with a powerbomb as well and switched to the Q2. As far as straight line performance, I'd have to put it on the dyno to see what I lost. It still(feels like) pulls just as strong as it did except when trying to rocket out of tight turns. If you need that 'instant on' that the Yammy's are famous for, you will lose a small ammount of it. The only place I really noticed it was coming out of turns though, straight line performance was still close enough to the R4 that I didn't notice a loss. The top end still seems to be there but may have fallen off a little, but the mid range still feels just as strong as before. All in all, I'd say it's one of the best quiet pipes for all around performance and would be completely race worthy where needed. :applause:

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