2005 WR450 Race-Tech Fork Emulators!

I wouldn't worry, you'll probably be out bid (unless you bid real high). There's plenty of time left.

Now this thread will probably get deleted for posting an ebay link.

Send the seller an email, explain the problem and he'll prob'ly let you pull your bid...

Who cares? If you got them for $26.00 I would sell them for a lot of profit!

They go for what, $160???

If they will fit 06 WR450 I will bid on em ?

don't know? the '06 wr's got new forks.

You most likely won't need them anyway with the new suspension, they are night and day better than '05 suspension.

Didn't know ebay links are a no-no, sorry. Looks like someone outbid me, good! On a related note to the above topic and responses, I have the 03 WR450, and sat on the 06 WR450...what a world of difference the two machines are! The 06 is slimmer, shorter and lighter than the 03, WOW! If I wasn't in a new dirt bike for my daughter I'd probably buy one of the new 06's, but what comes in 07? Aluminum framed?

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