HP of a KTM 200EXC?

Does anyone know how much horsepower a KTM 200EXC produces?


Regards Honda0001

i ve read somewhere in tyhe 34-36hp range?

arrrg, I'm hoping 33hp!

That's what my liecence is restricted to...

I've heard more in the 38+ range. Most new 125's are making 35+ aren't they?

according to the transworld motocross shootout the 125sx makes 37.3. the other 125's make around 33-34. i've heard the 200 makes about the same peak horsepower as the 125sx, just has a broader powerband.

32.9 HP :applause:

I really don't know. I would think that your license station would have some kind of a book from the manufactures that states the HP.

If not, then you could say anything like I just did.

What are all the 250f's making? the 200 should make more power than them, atleast I'm hoping. I have a 200xc on the way and will be picking it up friday. Rode a badly tuned 1991 rm 125 in the woods today because my 01' 250sx is down for repairs. The 125 was a blast in the single track but brutal up hill. I'm thinking most of the problem was the bad jetting though.

I think it's around 40 horsepower, but with a lot more torque than a 125, and a broader powerband.

It's only about one or two more horsepower then the 125SX. So it's about 37-39, but with a much broader powerband that gets loads of traction.

A stock KTM 200EXC makes 39 Hp.

What about a 250exc? 45?

A stock KTM 200EXC makes 39 Hp.

Is this a dyno figure or a manufacturer claim?

Not as much as my 250sx!!

How do you like your 250sx? I'm starting to look into them, trying to compare it to a yz250.

A stock KTM 200EXC makes 39 Hp.

Anything to back this up, or is this speculation?

You have to have a horsepower licensce?

Don't worry about the hp. It's more about power delivery... I have both the 200 and 300 in my garage, and for me, when I'm on my game riding really hard... believe it or not, I'm faster on the 200. When I'm tired, lazy, or when the terrain really opens up, I'm faster on the 300. Both bikes have more power than my limited abilities can maximize. Choose your flavor and go ride. You won't be disappointed with a 200.

Anything to back this up, or is this speculation?

I think I saw that nº on an older DirRider issue, 99' or somehing :applause:

Some guys at KTM talk claim to have modded 200's putting 42rwhp

According to the August 05 Dirt Rider Mag. the stock 200 exc puts out around 36 hp and a slightly modified 200 (FMF pipe, Port matching, Power Now) puts out around 41 hp.

in the united kingdom you get motorcycle licenses by horsepower restriction to keep a 16 year old off of an r6 or whatever the hot new bike is now

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