01' WR426 first thoughts

Ok today was my initiation to the 2001 WR426F

since no one really replied to my earlier post I will bring you up to speed with my endeavor, I just bought the bike and picked it up today, got a smoking deal and took it home. my friend has a 2001 DRZ400E and so I talked him into going for a quick ride down by the beach (we live in So.Cali) I was taking it easy and not revving the thing too much but my initial impression was that I just wasted a bunch of money! I was not impressed with the power, the feel nor the sound of the thumper, it felt anemic at best. but hey it wasnt broken in, I didnt have my pipe yet, it may not be jetted correctly....etc....etc...So on the way home we get pulled over by a motorcycle cop, I take the heat and get a "non registered vehicle' ticket and we head home,( I begged the cop to give me the ticket and let my bro slide since he didnt want to ride the things on the street till they were legit anyway but I bugged him enough till he gave in) I open the garage and get the tools out and take out the baffle in the stock exhaust and fire it up....JEEZES KeeeeeyRYYST, this thing sounded like it had a heart after all! so I shut it down and start in on the air filter lid, remove that, next came the throttle stop, then I looked for and found a "grey' wire but I didnt clip or modify it in any way, it was grey for sure and it came out of the loom from the CDI box and it was part of a 2 wire connector (the other wire is black with a white) is this the right "grey" wire ? anyway, I was too psyched out to wait for a reply from the forum so I put the tank back on, seat and and buckled it all up and fired it up....took it out on the street in front of my house for a little spin (Not expecting much mind you) and I was absolutely FLOORED by the power increase and torque this thing actually has, I mean I was BLOWN AWAY, and I am now convinced that this is and was the best money I have spent in a long long time! this thing was lofting the front end with little throttle and less effort than any dirt bike I have ever ridden, it feels awesome, I cannot believe that Yamaha would sell a motorcycle to John Q Public (me or anyone else) that was so "choked" like this thing is out of the box, this is really ridiculous. I am a road racer, I race a 2001 Suzuki GSX-R750, and do pretty good at it, I am curretnly 4th in points in the 750 Superbike expert class at Willow Springs Motorcycle club in California, I am not easily impressed, it cost me over $20,000.00 in bike and extras to be competetive in this class so it takes a whole bunch to blow what little hair I have back! This (426) thing is AWESOME! and I mean AWESOME, I got it to train with, I am making it into a Super Motard bike, with the specific intention of mastering rear wheel steering on pavement, if you wanna know what that is see http://www.supertt.com I would like to thank this entire forum for being here, I would not have had a clue where to begin had it not been for you guys, you (all of you) are truly AWESOME as well, and I will keep you posted with pictures and feedback as I gather it. THANKS for being here!

P.S. what about the "grey" wire ??????????


Congratulations! and Welcome!

Check the archives, there was a picture of the gray wire posted and it sounds like you found it fine anyway. There was also a great list made of things to do and check being a new owner. Things like greasing everything and next time you have the seat off, zip-tie the tank strap to the frame, they have a tendency to make for the twilight zone next to lost socks from the dryer. Good luck with the bike.


TeamScream, I picked up my WR426 last Saturday. Thus far, I've covered 80 wonderful miles with it. Did the throttle stop and air box cover before the first ride. Did the grey wire before the 2nd ride, after "break-in". I am very impressed with the bike. It has plenty of power, and the suspension is very good, especially considering my novice skill level. Next ride out, I'll be playing a little with the damping adjusters to see if I can improve an already very good thing.

I know I made the right decision with the WR426. My only other choice was the KTM 400 or 520 and I personally couldn't justify the extra cash since I'll probably never need to upgrade the suspension on the 426 and I don't mind the kick start.....which has been very easy for me to start every time.

Jerry in Deltona, FL


'01 WR426 - throttle stop mod, air box lid removed, grey wire cut, Renthal "Jimmy Button" high bar, Michelin S12 tires = lots of fun!

Don't forget to do the YZ426 jetting now that the throttle stop is removed and intake and exhaust are opened up.

My bike was unplugged and ready to go when I bought it. I did get the baffle and snorkle from the dealer. Since I don't like loud bikes (Harley and hearing damage. Hey, I'm 38) I tried the baffle. WHAT A JOKE!!! Only my grandma (rest her soul) would ride with the damned baffle in.

James Dean!

I am so glad to see you post here on MY message!!!!!!!!! wooo freaking hoooo!!!!!!!!!

I was feeling a little lost here as I read through 14 dozen posts yesterday (knowing that I was picking the bike up today) and you had said your "goodbye" to the forum, after reading how every single member here has benefitted from your wisdom I thought "damn and I had to be a week late getting my bike" well I would love it if you would give me your opinion on where to begin with the jetting thing, I read my manual tonight paying special attention to the "tuning' section so I am basically familiar with where the parts in the carb are located, and I am ready to try and have a go at this thing.....can you suggest a few settings/needle/jets for me to start with?

I am at sea level, Southern California.

P.S. to the rest of the group....I know I can find it in the archives somewhere, but let me please have my moment in the sun with the MAN, please......you guys all got your killer "wand wave's of approval" can I have a turn?

(James dont think for a moment that I am kidding here either, I am EXSTATIC that you actually are still here and honored to get a few tips direct bro!)

Thanks guys...ill be up at 6:00 AM cutting a grey wire and zip tying a tank strap....oh yeah...maybe a little polishing and stuff too? ....damn...thing is fresh of the boat....am I gonna find anything to clean? heheheheh....im like a kid in a candy store..

See the "Carb Needle Profile..." thread.

OBELN#4 (YZ250F needle option)

#48 pilot

#100 pilot air

1 turn out

#168 main jet

This is a good starting point which may work as-is. Adjust for your conditions and riding style from there.

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