XR600 or 500 engine wanted

I'm looking for a good used complete eng for a XR600 or 500 for a possible project I may build. I would need carb and exh. header as well. Rebuildabe is ok too. PM me with any info, thanks, Matt

Ya, already tried that, and I'm currently seaching ebay as well. I was hoping someone might have one laying around on TT.

THeres acutally two on Ebay right now...

Just search XR500 and XR600 in Ebay motors...

Shawn, I can't seem to find them. I've looked under xr600, xr 600, ect. Only engines in parts. The only one I've found so far is in a Ebay Store. They want $700 and then plus shipping carb, exh, electronics it will be $1000 or more. I can almost buy a bike for that. If you willing to list the ebay item number or a link, I'd be thankful.

I would have sworn I just saw one yesterday...IM going to go back and look again...

I would have sworn I just saw one yesterday...IM going to go back and look again...

Welp..nuthin... :applause:

Check the vintage forum too...

and the XL600 and XL650 motors were the same basic motor

Thanks Thunderchicken, I saw that one already, it's what I was talking about in my original thread. It would probably be $1000 to get shipped with needed items to male it run. I just got a PM from a TTer with a xr500 eng torn apart. He hasn't given me a price yet. If I can't find one here I'll probably pick the one off ebay. Thanks for the link.

i wasn't sure if that was the one you were talking about or not.

yeah, $700 is insane. i like kritter's philosohy on evolution bikes pre- Y2k... unless it's mint or a collectable...$500 bucks...and that's for an entire bike.

i'm going to be looking for an XR engine from the 80s to put in a XL 600 rolling chassis.

you just have to wait and be an opportunist i spose.

one place to check out is the AMA district 37 messageboard. there's lots of older desert racers with XR stuff laying around in their garage. a couple months ago i was asking for a set of XR 600 forks and triple clamp for a future transalp project and i got 4 solid leads. plus those guys, most the time just want a little money for the trouble and are happy knowing the stuff is getting used.

here's a link to the D37 messageboard: http://www.district37ama.org/home.php

seems like ebay, like cycle trader, has turned into a "prospector's haven." best bet for finding stuff cheap is word of mouth.

Thanks again for the link Thunderchicken. Yes, I agree people are going overboard with prices lately. About 10 years ago I picked up a strong running XR500 for $500. I'll post an ad on AMA.

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