Odd front wheel bearing seal?

When I purchased my bike, the front was set up without a speedo/odo drive. There was a proper seal in the hub and the inner hole was the correct size for a typical axle spacer (~25mm). I tried to get another seal from the dealer and the diagrams only show the front wheel with the speedo drive.

The one listed is a 40 50 5, though I probably need something like a 25 50 5. Any thoughts on how I could find this seal (unfortunately I seem to have thrown out the old one). Does anyone know if there is a version of the XR that did not come from the factory with any speedo/odo setup?



try a CR of similar vintage

Bring your measurment to a good bearing shop. Most of them stock all types of metric seals. I don't get my bearings or seals from the dealer anymore.

take your measurements to NAPA, they can look up a seal by size,i do it all the time

try Don's idea of a CR seal before you go searching all over town, the CR seal sounds logical

Try XR's Only speedo eliminator kit. They also might have what you need to complete your set up.

1987 HONDA CR125R seal is 22/50/5.

1994 same size

Awesome, thanks guys! I'll stop by the dealer and check into the CR seal. If that does not work out, I'll try the bearing shop by my work. I'll let you know how it works out.

Thanks again,


I stopped by the dealer and picked up the CR seal (22/50/5, part number: 91254-KA3-831) which looks like just what I needed.

Thanks again!


Glad I could help. :applause:

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