lets say half SuperMoto

I have a 2005 WR450F that I have had for about 4 months now (so thats like 2 months before the snow hit... I live in Ontario)

I am in the middle of doing all my free mods while it is away for winter. And I was wondering what else is recommended to do this beast to make it slightly more suited to riding on the road. I will admit it... I ride'er on the street more then in the dirt..... I'd say about 75% street 25% dirt. I know it's ashame... :applause:

Anyways, to get to the point

I don't want to go total Supermoto with the little 17in slick tires and everything, but I do want all this street riding to be "easier" (for lack of a better word) on my new baby.

Any suggestions to let me have the best of both worlds? I love the dirt too damn much to go total Supermoto.

All opinions are welcome :ride:


- B-Rock

Stiffer suspension, higher gearing like 15/50 or 15/48, dual purpose tyres.

I have used a dunlop 606 rear tyre on mine and got 1600 or so kms out of it.

It was the most aggressive dualy tyre I could find. Not as good as mx tyres off road, but still grippy. Very grippy on the road, but there are way more road orientated dualy's available.

i say leave everything except the front sprocket. go up one tooth to 15T.

wow quick respones......right on

sounds easy enough to accomplish.... i will look into both

thanks guys

- B-Rock


'05 WR450F - Street Legal

Where are you in Ontario?

Sault Ste Marie...been here for 4 years .... Kingston is "home" though


- B-Rock

Cornwall . You ride in Limerick forest when you were in Kingston?

It's north of Prescot.

If you want to go "half" you could put a 15 on the front and run avon distanzia tires. My buddy has em on his KTM and they are stiiiiicky. I go about four clicks in from my off road susp settings and to a 15 in the front. It seems to work. BTW my dad and family are from west bay, and sault st marie MI

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