2004 WR450 gearing? Need more top end

What you guys running for a higher top speed? I ride mostly open desert, fast open dirtroads and in 5th gear at 50mph my engine is kinda reving. I already have a 49T on the back with the stock front countershaft sprocket. What are some numbers to get some more top speed out of my WR without the engine whining out at 70?

The easiest way to achieve this is to change out the counter sproket to a 15t.

what size is the front stock countershaft sprocket? I thought is was a 15T?

I have a 04 WR450 with a 15/48 sprocket combo it will do 100 MPH in the desert and still will climb anything it's the perfect set up

Mike, the bikes come with a 14.. The 15 is what you're looking for... :applause: I use one all the time...

I just ordered a 15 tooth yesterday from the thumpertalk store. It was only $8.99. I went down two teeth in the rear to a 48 and still wasn't enough.

You will have to tool out (grind away) a little bit on your case saver to get the 15T up front, but your data is wrong......... my 04' will do 67mph with a 13/50 set up so you should be well above 50mph in 5th gear with a 14/48 set up. In the dessert I run a 15/50 and it suits me well but the majority of my riding is tight and technical single track so I use the 13T counter shaft most of the time.

Good Luck :applause:

great thanks guys for the info. I'll go with the 15T and give that a try

My speedo (computer) stops showing my speed after 75mph with 14-50 on stock wheel dimensions.. But the engine revs more! My guess is about 90mph top speed.. I ran 15 - 50 before, and i would say it made 100+ then.. But i thought the 1. gear was a little heavy for wood trailing, in those very tight places..

But i think i will go for 15-50 again.. And 15-44 on my 17" `s..

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