FS or Trade 650L WB E-Series for an exhaust that fits 600R?

Anyone want a WB E-Series for their 650L? I just bought one today hoping it would fit my 600, it was on clearance so I can't take it back :ride: The bend hits the frame and the upper mount is too far back anyway even if the bend in the midpipe didn't hit the frame :applause: Or anyone have an exhaust system, or slip-on, that they might want to trade that will fit a 96 XR600?

ill take it, i need a quieter system. how much you want for it?

Do you have the correct muffler, since they are the same!!!!

It shoud be White Bros part # 05-050. It fits XR650L(93-04) & XR600R (85-87 & 91-00).

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