Burnt pants W/Powerbomb header

I burned a hole on my riding pants and melted part of my new boot on a fall.

Today I took my stock header and powerbomb to a welding shop to swap the metal "protector", hopefully my pants will not touch the hot exaust header again.


2000 WR400/ powerbomb-SX1 combo,YZ tank & seat. 2001 TT-R125L/ pro-circuit T4 (son), 2001 breeze (son, wife)

freind had same problem with some pipe he bought for his XR400. E'd a freind to find out what pipe he had that did'nt have a heat shield.

Man....Good thing you were not wearing Jeans or putting around in shorts.....You should write the company and send a picture of the burned pants...Sometimes they will make good on an obvious safety issue and replace the damaged item and pay for the shield.

Bonzai... :)

Are you kidding? All the pipes have been burning pants since '98. The only one with a heat shield is the new Yosh, which accomodates the stock shield.

Is that the usual remedy, attach your own heat shield? I'd think they would at least sell shields for their pipes.

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I had the same problem with my Big Gun system. Bought a clamp on heat shield from Go Products for $30 or so. Their web site (http://goproductsatv.bigstep.com/) is down, but you can probably find an ad for them in the back of an ATV mag. Looks great, and no more burnt pants!




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