Latest 450 Shootout

Those shootouts are a joke. Pick the bike YOU want because RacerX is biased. It totally looks like they picked the NEWEST bike out of the bunch and gave it top honors. If you like blue buy blue and ignore those magazine that are looking to "sell" magazines and advertisements and not tell you the real truth about the bikes. Do I sound bitter? I hope so because that is their goal, sell, sell, sell... to you and me and make their advertisers happy so the advertisers will buy more pages and RacerX will make more money.

Whatever happened to honesty?

I had an 03 CRF450 and it cornered better than the bike I bought after I sold it, my current 03 YZ450. The reason I did this is because of the reliability of the Yamaha motor. That would be the reason that I buy another Yamaha, not because of a shootout. I know the new bike handles much better and has got to have better forks.

What's funny about the shootout, the first 2 testers totally contradict each other on damn near everything, and they are both pro riders. I guess it shows that the bikes really close this year. I know though, for an engine that lasts a long time, the Yamaha is the bike for me.

you're just mad cause you ride a yami. if you are ranking the kawi third on looks youre dumb. like it was said above, they are all good bikes, they are all really close. it just came down to what rider liked what. and ya know what, thats what matters.

I could care a less what those riders liked.....What matters is what I like....and until I ride the kawi, which I am excited to do btw, my opinion is my opinion...and because I own a yami it does not matter...I rode hondas before the yami...and you can count on me telling everyone here what I like and do not like on all of em..... :applause:

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