Engine trashed from Glamis sand (pics)

^^^^^^^^^ Im with this guy... over t-day weekend lots of people in glamis... LOTS O RUTS.. but saturday after the wind started blowing WOW... SMOOTH AS A BABY"S BOTTOM... sooo much fun.. :applause:

If the motor happens to make 1 revolution in reverse direct, the exhaust will act like the intake and suck air and whatnot in threw the pipe. We all know to well that 4-strokes kick back in reverse direct sometimes just by kick starting them, let alone in a crash where the RPMs may be up a bit. My guess is when you crashed, your tail pipe was in the sand just as the engine died and it kicked back sucking in the sand. Your friends trying to start it is the reason the sand in the pipe was saturated in gas, and it would only take a couple of engine fires to embed the sand into the carbon deposits. Why is it in the carb slide?, because it was pushed in there when the intake valves were acting like exhaust valves and pushed it in :applause:

I agree same situation few years back a friend with an XR 250 98 model got on the sand and felt on the exhaust side, and after kicking it over a few times the engine was blocked, and when we took apart the head was full of sand with some Little stones.

Too bad for ya, hope you get it run soon

I'd have to say the wind filled the bike. Just like a beer bottle in the dunes. If it was on it's side with a good wind on the downside of a razorback, it wouldn't take much time to fill that much sand in the motor. We've all seen the dunes go from chewed up to pristine within one hour of a good wind.

I agree. I grew up in El Centro and sand can fill a pipe up easily just a few grains at a time overnight, especially if its just laying there right in the sand stream.

I also think you were sucking some sand while your engine was running and that destroyed the engine from the other side.

What did you do, go straight off a razorback?

I think your filter wasn't seated against the boot good. For that amount of sand to get in, and if the filter wasn't torn, there is no other explanation.

I think your filter wasn't seated against the boot good. For that amount of sand to get in, and if the filter wasn't torn, there is no other explanation.

Agree, that much sand via exhaust all the way to the carb slide, c'mon guys... one or two kickback hickups is not enough.

Anyone for building a sandcastle?

Someone poured sand down your exhaust pipe. All that sand could not have gone through your engine. It had to have entered through the exit.

2nd that, sabotage!!!!!!:applause:

Two year old thread.

Lets be nice its only a year and a half :applause:

u musta wiped out hard or akward... cuz theres no way that thing wouls suck sand in throught the filter or jus leak in .... that or somone wanted to seriously mess with you wich isnt cool.

I know this is old but wow thats alot of sand! Did you ever get it running again?

If there is sand in your slide you must have a cracked boot. You wont see it untile the engine sucks on it. Amazing that it ran that long. Mighty Yamaha Sand Vacuum!!! WOW GL on the repair

I have seen a lot of sand come out of the bottom of a Landrover engine here in Dubai. He was running a K&N filter which was not oiled properly or not fitted properly.

I'm stumped as to how it got so far up the exhaust, it was all in the header, almost none in the silencer.

do a little test, bolt ur exhaust on, stand bike up right and pour alittle sand into the exhaust, now bounce ur bike alittle like it was on a trailer.. garenteed it will go straight to the header.........

now i no ur bike was on its side down in the sand, and it was windy(blowen sand etc)so put put ur bike in the same positon on the shop floor, and put alitte sand on ur shop floor, and blow toward ur exhaust, i bet some enters it and goes to the exhaust. (so over the time it was lieing down and sand was blowen that sand could have entered it.) it might not go to the header, but stand ur bike up and bounce it up and down like it was on the trailer(as before) i bet it will go straight to the lowest point aka the header!!! simple as that..

i agree alittle sand(maybe a tea spoon full) came throught the engine but no way that much....

I have two ideas:

1. You sucked a little sand in somehow (through the filter, or filter was not sealed correctly) and your bike blew up (obvious). Then you said that you left it over night and got it in the morning. Couldn't sand have blown in during the night? then on the trip home bouncing around in on a trailer it worked it's way down to the header.

2. How bad were the valves? My other theory was it sucked enough sand to blow up and you crashed. The engine was still turning over when you crashed and you burried the muffler in the sand during the crash. The exhaust valves may have been ruined enough to not seal, and right when the muffler was burried in the sand it sucked sand in backwards on the last down stroke of the engine before it came to rest.

I believe the first one more.

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