Aftermarket OEM graphics?

I am looking to replace my tank/rad graphics with some aftermarket OEM stlye ones. It looks like my choices are Factory Effex, One Industries,or N-Style. I would prefer the perforated type for the gas tank. Which of the above would be my best bet? Any recommendations? Any to stay away from?

Thanks fershy

I've used factory effex on a couple of different bikes and had good luck with them. Just put a set of oem replica's on the 99 WR, went on easy and look good.


99 WR400




Ceet products. Look up

If you are running a YZ tank, then take a look at the Acerbis graphics, They are kind of subtle,and dont have a big logo on them.

The GYT moto de nations kit looks very cool as well. Both companies have websites, so you can see how they look.

Hi, never heard of the GYT kit. Couldn't find their web site. Would appreciate their adress please. Thanks!

Go to, then go to motorcycles,then to dirt bikes then go to accesories on the top of the page. You will then find ALL the goodies Yamaha has to offer. Happy shopping!!

Last May, I bought an N-style graphics kit-came with shroud and gas tank graphics as well as a grippy seat cover. The tank graphics were perforated. Lasted only about a month before it started yellowing. I finally ripped them off the tank about 3 months ago. Not worth it in my opinion. (But the shroud graphics still look good and the grippy seat is nice.)

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