Putting WR trans in my YZF

In a thread I posted earlier this week my 4th gear crapped out so I split my cases, etc... So I was just going to replace 3rd & 4th gear and the shift fork,but, I started reading up on the WR trans swap and since my trans is all torn apart anyways, I've decided to go ahead and do it. Through a link I found in another thread on this subject, I found the parts I've been told I need (the 9 gears, 3 shift forks, 2 shafts, and shift cam). Now before I buy this stuff, is there ANYTHING else that I need to get to make this work? I hate paying for shipping twice. Any case modifications? All the bearings appear to be in good shape. I haven't found any threads that say I need to do anything else other than just buy the parts and install them, I just want to be 100% sure that when I get the parts there are no suprises Anyways, thanks to everyone who helped me with figuring out the initial problem with my trans.

My understanding is that those are the parts you need.

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