2004 WR Forks

Any of you guys raised your front forks? If so does it help in the turns? Mine are still at the factory setting but I'd like to try raising them cause everytime I turn it feels like the front wheel wants to wash out on me. I read something about a 10mm raise. Does that sound correct?

15mm up is where mine have been for years. Turns much better in quick right left woods riding. :applause: Steering damper also helps when you do this. :ride:

How much do you weigh? Seriously if your over ~ 165 you might want to think about a heavier rear spring. Surprisingly the rear suspension has a lot of effect on the way the bike handles. I go 185 and put a 5.6kg spring on. Most guys are going 5.6 or 5.8 (some of the big guys go even higher). The stock spring is too soft for most riders and that unloads weight off the front end. The ride is really not any harsher because you won't need as much preload to get the sag set correctly. You'll be surprised how much better it handles once the suspension is balanced.

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