Need to stiffen suspension

At the beginning of this year I changed my fork oil height to 100mm on my 2000 yz426. This make a big difference on all track surfaces and jumps.

I have got faster during the year and found I am bottoming again on most big jumps. I bought my son a '04 yz250 in October and couldn't believe how much difference there was in the suspension. The yz250 was a lot stiffer.

Over the last 2 years I have put on 20lbs. I am around 210lbs and its time to put in stiffer springs.

As my 426 is a european bike the fork springs are 45s and the shock spring a 54. I was going to change them to 47s in the fork and a 56 on the shock and run the oil height at 110mm (with a view to change to 100mm). I was only going to change the fork springs originally but I was worried if not changing the shock spring would make the bike feel unbalanced. What do you guys think?

How easy is it to change the shock spring??

For your weight you need to change the springs on both ends. Bottom line.

Shock is easy. Loosen up the preload collars all the way up. Push up the bottom spring plate, slide it out the side of the shaft through the cut out. Then pull the spring down and off. Reverse to install. Be sure to clean the threads on the shock body before doing this. Wire brush then WD40 the threads.

Bro i had the same problem . im riding a o4 yz 450f . stock set up at first. was still bottoming out with pre load on the rear all the way turnd down on the spring.

I ended up having it rebuilt. had a 5.8 spring rate spring put on it (eibach) and a race tech gold valve kit put in it.. total 500 bucks but sooooooo worth the money . totally love the ride and the way the bike goes into corners now. dont bottom out over jumps.. couldnt be happier. and the spring looks sick.

the guys at race tech were really awesome and know their stuff. id give them a call or e mail them they will tell you what rate to run for your weight and riding type. weather MX trail or freeride.

I have a set of Eibachs, if you're interested. .48 fronts, and a 5.8 rear in great shape. Send me a PM.

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