Kicker dead travel

Hi all,

my kicker has a "dead travel" of 4.5" 95% of the time (5% of the time I fiddle and get it right)

So, once I find TDC the kicker goes down without engaging for 4.5" ... is this normal?

if not, what are the part numbers (or names) of the parts that are the likely culprit?




From your description, it sounds like the auto decompressor is engaging.

Auto decompresor? I am an XR650R noob so I don't know. If by that you mean that the decompression cable may be getting caught in that lower bracket, I know that is not the case.

As usual, I find DTC, pull the lever, go over by 1" or so, bring the kicker up to get a full stroke and... when pushing down it just does not engage (crank) until it travels 4.5"

Any technical insight :ride: on this problem will be appreciated :applause:



03 XR650R

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