Put a KDX 200 engine into my '04 KX 125 chassis?

Just what the topic states my '04 KX 125 is just chillin away in the garage next to my new 06 YZ's I'm trying to sale it but I haven't gotten many inquires (like none) so i'm going to try lowering the price but it doesn't look like KX 125's are really selling anyways. Especially when you get new ones out the door for like $3000.

I haven't given up on it yet I took me 8 months to sell an TM 85 so when this happens it's gonna take awhile. I was thinking about maybe stuffing a KDX 200/220 motor into the chassis but I'd have to find someone who'd let me take thiers out so I could see initially how it lines up in the new frame etc it would be a massive project but the end result would be killer. I'm just sorta toying with the idea if I don't sell the 125 it might be easier to sell or trade off the motor.

Yea I could make it a 144 but I'm gonna do that to my YZ 125 and I have a YZ 250 (06's). It's always kewl when some one does a CR500AF why not this in the new frame? It's a rather low slung chassis with sweet handling. I know fredette has done the older '99 - '01 style but this chassis is way better there's quite a bit of room from the tank/cylinder the frame is just a lower engine cradle away from being the 250's. :applause:

actualy I remember an article in dirt bike or dirt rider where they did that exact swap.it was probably mid to late 90's but I know it was the same swap.they also did a kx500 into a kx250 frame.that was a kit you could buy.

I've seen those this chassis might be easier cause it all ready has rearweard head stay mounts the kdx motor does not look much bigger than the 125's even this newer design. It's got some decent size engine mounting tabs for the center cases. I even have the'91 dirtbike article from when they did it into a 1990 KX 125. The raditor hose routing might be alittle trickier but it does have a good half inch size hole going threw new the head tube where a hose could route. I don't care about the over flow catch return system. Pipe mounting might be a pain but the raditors at not huge and it uses the floating mount from under the gas tank. Anyone remember when L.R in the late 80's put a KX 80 motor in the 125 chassis and then raced the ISDE on it.

Canadian Dave's Just KDX forum at www.dirtrider.net Plenty have been done and lots of threads if you search :applause:

hi there! i have always been a thumbper talk guest for a year now (philippines) and never had a chance to realy participate and register till recently..

here in our place we usually do these things its bwt common...swapping chasis and engines. i had my yamaha 1988 dt200r engine place on my 1991 kx125 chasis...the 200R engines are bulkier comparing to 125's...so what we did is basically overlap the chasis with a piece of metal were the tank sits and alligned it. it was a success :applause: ..the radiator we use is from the kx...i actually race that thing and trailed it for some time now..the idea came up so that i could use the racing suspension on my trail bike engine for dual purpose :ride: ... have sold the kx125engine and dt200r chasis..

I dropped Jeff Fredette an email on the subject recently (regarding an 06 KDX200 motor into an 06 KX125 chassis) His words were "It's a whack and weld job, you would need access to a mill and lathe, but the end result would be pretty sweet". I'm guessing you might need to make up and weld in a lower cradle. I can't believe Kawasaki never made this bike out of the factory - it would have to be the perfect woods combination.

Hey Wam - how does your KX handle compared to the 06 YZ125 - cornering, stability, suspension action?

It's handles very sweet! It's actually alittle more flickable than the YZ it has a low slung style chassis with an SDG standard seat on it the seat height is only like 36". It's a qwick turning bike it does dance/shake sometimes on the harsh stuff but it's not scary. It has very low center of gravity it always made me feel like I wanted to whip it over jumps and I started to after awhile. I think my fav whip is washougal horsepower hill at the very top I whipped it to the left maybe 2 feet above the ground and a one footer with the left foot off. First bike I ever pulled a no footer on too. I'm talking about the KX here! A very nice light clutch pull like the suzuki but much better engagement threw the lever more progressive feel but still light and easy.

The YZ has the KX beat in the suspenion but that's no surpize really the KX is good i'm sure much better if it was revaled. The KX is alittle slimmer and smaller feeling you can really ride the piss out of the KX. If I didn't end up buying two new YZ's like I did I was going to keep the KX revalve the suspenion/springs buy the athena cylinder/top end kit and have it bored/ported by eric gorr into a KX 144 some other stuff a black frame and was thinking white plastic's/ graphics. I'm only selling the KX cause I need the $$$ I will miss it cause I think I may have just sold it this weekend. :applause:

why why why why? that would take so much work dont do thats stupid

why why why why? that would take so much work dont do thats stupid

Go bang your head against the wall really good a few times come back and ask that same question. :bonk:

Well I won't get to try it out now!! I sold the KX last night! :applause:

Good for you! I have the same bike and I'm thinking of selling it also. Just wondering what method of advertising found the buyer and how much you got for it. Thanks in advance!

Craigslist and I sold it to a guy in B.C. for roughly 2880 canadian which is 2500 usd I just need to drive up and deliver it I posted it on sunday and got a call on tuesday. But my bike is in very good condition and mostly stock and posted a few pic's it's free on craigslist to post w pic's. I had tried craigslist before but got nothing locally I bought the bike in B.C anyways so it works out totally.

I have a 94 KDX 200 engine in a 92 KX125 frame and it works very well. It came to me that way so I don't know all the effort that went into it other than welding the engine mounts on the KX frame. Fredette used to make the KX/DX but not anymore due to the time investment (I'm guessing).

You guys really need to ride the hybrid. The power of the 200/220 and the nimbleness of the kx 125 .I hate to brag but I enjoy racing this bike more than my 06 crf450x.I corner it better jump just as far and the fore arm pump is not there.My last race was a 15 lapper(1.7km laps)with the Vets and pro senior and lites.(Last race of the day all in type stuff).Your 250f's definetly werent leaving me behind and half the guys I normally race against (450's)got embarrased from beening over taken by a bike that is 125 class.

am I missin somethin here,Its really not that difficult do the search, forum is full of them, lol



Art that is a nice bike!!!Great job!! It looks like it comes from the factory like that. I talked to my Dad who had one of these early "frankenstein" bikes and his had a 240 eric gorr big bore kit. I think it was early 90's or late 80's. It was before his transfer to KTM. Anyway thanks for posting your pics!!!!!!

It is great to see... Oh by the way I laced a 20" front wheel and it worked out great. My front end sticks and cuts!!! This is the bike with a 20" right?!!!:thumbsup:

the monster off road version has the 20 and the 18

am I missin somethin here,Its really not that difficult do the search, forum is full of them, lol

Have another one, Bud.

This thread is from 05'. :thumbsup:

why why why why? that would take so much work dont do thats stupid

he obviously isnt from around here. its not stupid. i rode an 02 hybrid that was absolutely incredable to say the very least

where the hell is ebeck?

EDIT nevermind 3 years old

damn good idea the older I get the blinder I get, thanks jeeksie, think I will lmao

I might try this!

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