What would you do to an '03 YZ450F to make it the ultimate woods weapon

I thought about a WR as well, but, after riding my dads a couple times before making my decision, I realized that his 250F was heavier than my 450F. And I am not exactly a huge person, so I really need a lighter bike. Im pretty sure dirtbike magazine did a weigh in section and found that the WR450 weighs about 30lbs more than the YZ450. Plus, after riding a YZ450 and a WR450 in the same day, I still wanted the YZ even though the WR would probably be more convenient and easier to ride.

Kawi, you just nailed it, CONVENIENCE. If your not in a hurry or enjoy a leisurely pace, the WR will be just right. My 450 weighs approx 20lbs less than my girls WR250. And it feels smaller and nimbler even though its an inch taller at the seat. Its definately thinner.

What are the braided lines, the wavy rotors, offset clamps, and tootech subtanks going to do? Im pretty sure that wavy rotors help cool off the disks faster, but I have no idea why the braided lines, the offset clamps, and the subtanks are going to help me.

you asked what would make it the perfect woods weapon,thats my version of the perfect woods weapon :applause: the 46 mm forks your running need all the help they can get for initial plushness,the subtanks allow this without sacrificing bottoming resistance(by allowing a higher oil height without losing air volume) the tootechs are great because they only meter(adjustably) the air on compression and allow full flow back on rebound. the braided lines are night and day on the front,not just for protection but for brake feel. the waves do just what was stated; run cooler and clean out better. the offset clamps help with turning waaaay more than raising the tubes in the clamps. the yz's turn slowly in the woods, the 22.5mm offset(stock 25) alters the geometry without upsetting the balance of the bike. it turns alot better without being unstable at speed :ride:

Well, looks like I have more stuff to buy than I thought before. Guess I am going to have to get a job if I am going to ever hope of getting half this stuff. Thx for the help guys, I appreciate it.

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