Anyone here using Galpher wavy rotors?

I am thinking of putting Galfer wavy rotors on my 04WR450- I rode an FZ1 with them, and thought they were great!! I have some X-mas money burning a hole in my pocket, so the power pegz are going on along with the boysen accelerator pump. that leaves some for the rotors. I was hoping for some folks that have them on their bike.

Got them front and back on the WR for a year now. They are still looking good and working great! First class product! :applause:

I had a Galfer wave rotor on my '04 WR 450 for 1 yr and just took it off and put stock one back on. Much better braking power with the stock rotor. Maybe the wave one might be better if it was the oversized one.

Put one on my 03 when I bent the stocker, it's as good or better than the stocker...steers lighter and stops just as good!

I got one recently, got the MSR brand, (made by galfer) found one on Ebay for 50 bucks woo hooo!!! I love it. Looks cool which is important cost less than the oem and I think maybe it brakes better.

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