Alligning the rear wheel

I have measured 55mm from rim to swingarm each side but the alligning blocks tell me that the wheel is not straight :applause:

I usually go by personal measurements instead of the blocks

I rely on "personal" measurements as well by carefully sighting down the tires, first front to back then back to front to make sure that both tires are in alignment. This is the same thing as the string technique and is better than relying on adjustment markers or even measuring from swingarm pivot to rear axle.

hi forgive my ignorance but what is the string system

You tie a sting to something stationary and wrap it around the side of the rear tire (side wall ) , have the string parallel to to ground and as high up as you can without hitting anything but the tire

then bring it around until it just touches the front sidewall of the rear tire ,

then you will have a straight plane that should be lined up with your front tire.

adjust your rear tire until the sting runs down along the sidewalls of the front and rear tire , you will have to eyeball or measure the difference in width of the front and rear tire, the the best way is to go all the way around the bike so you can look at both sides of the front wheel.

I hope that makes sense , I have never done it on a bike but thats how we used to string a race car to see if everything was lined up right

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