Ride sept 8th gerogetown

Monty, I am for sure coming. Paul

Paul you wrote me a e-mail and said you were not going so I called it off call me at 707-446-9355


FYI Mike in Roseville may not have seen your post yet. I got an email from him that he can't make Goergetown this Saturday.

Paul e-mail your phone no#


You guys open to a new guy coming along. I live in Sacramento and have never ridden Georgetown. I would certainly like to make some more friends that ride. Sounds like fun...Michael

woops! missed that one by two days. Maybe next time. I'm brain dead after work.


Monty, you have mail.

MichaelAngelo, you are welcome to ride with us anytime. Thanks, Paul

Paul e-mail your home phone to me at (wilmexrs@cs.com)


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Paul lets go this week end the 15th and Michael you are welcome to come also.


[This message has been edited by MONTY (edited September 11, 2001).]

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