When should you replace clutch springs ?

Theres a total of 52 hours on my bike now. My bike is used for MX only. The clutch pack looks fine, but was wondering about the weakness of the springs?

Would it be a good idea to replace just the springs at this point. Or replace everything for the upcoming season?

I would replace the springs only when you replace the fibers, thats why they sell them in a kit. It depends on how hard you are on the clutch, but most clutches last a couple of years with no problems.

If the clutch works OK, and you have no reason to think the springs are bad, leave them. But, if you have symptoms (slipping, dragging, etc.), or are replacing the plates anyway, they're cheap enough to replace along with the rest of it.

Get a caliper and measure the free length. When the length is out of spec then it's time to replace. You can try the same with a good ruler if you have one; metric is probably easiest. As mentioned above, if in doubt then replace it with your next set of clutch plates.

When you can't shift anymore!! :applause:

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