XR600R warmed up

i recently bought a 95 XR600 and it starts easy enough cold but once it is warmed up it takes on average about five minutes to get it started.how should i correct this if i can.

If you have never had a big bore thumper before, you probably need to learn the starting drill. Push down the kick starter until you feel the piston coming up on compression. Pull in the compression release lever and hold it. Push the starter until the piston is almost at TDC (this will take a little practice). Then let the starter all the way up, let go of the compression release and give it a hard boot. A little practice and it will become a 1-2 kick operation. :applause:

Also ,take hand off throttle . Idle speed. NO gas . unless it starts.

Thanks bork, had a minor brain f**t and omitted that important step. :applause:

All of the above-although I'd add to check the throttle cable-to make sure it is smooth. If the needle stays up, the bike is flooding, and that would create a 5 minute restart condition.

yeah this is my first big bore thanks for the info all it makes sence know that i think of it i think i was just kicking it on the compression stroke thanks.

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