Parts are parts, right?

Sort of. After lending my bike to my brother (I know, first mistake) :applause: I find after he "fixed" the carb for me that o-ring for the fuel screw is missing and I can't tune the bike for crap. This, after I finish installing a JD jetting kit.

So now its off to the local Yami dealer. Turns out for the wr450 you cant get the o-ring by itself. I would have to purchase the whole $26 needle assembly just for the o-ring. :p Well, as it turns out, the yfz450 has a slightly different parts breakdown even though it has the same engine. I was able to get just the o-ring for $1ea. :ride:

I ran into this same situation about a year also. I taco'ed my header beyond belief ( the bike wouldn't rev past mid rpm) :p Come to find out, the yfz450 has the same bend header at about half the price. AND its made of stainless. The brush guard is a little shorter too.

:lol: My point is, if you are looking for parts and kind find it, have the dealer look it up for an alternate bike. Who knows, it may be cheaper for the same exact part. Steve

I think it is crap how they try to screw you on parts and accessories, but that is where they make all their money from.

I have a good yamaha dealer I got my bikes from and get my parts from, the people really know their shit when it comes to bikes! It is a great change from the normal. I hate going into a shop and knowing that they lie directly to your face.

I always get the best deals straight up, and discount too. There is nothing like good service to get business. I make sure all of my mates get all their stuff from there as well.

Sudco sells the o-ring in packs of 5 I think.

McMaster-Carr sells O-rings in packs of 100... in most cases for under $10, unless you want something exotic like Viton, which will run you about $10 for a pack of 10 or 20 (depending on size).

I get more scuba gear from McMaster than I do from the dive shop.

A buck for an o-ring is a ripoff.

The little ones like for the fuel screw would probably be $4 for 100, maybe $4 for 25 for Viton.

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