06 jetting

Steve how you healing up?

Hope you have a nice holiday!

Be sure and post your full setup in our sticky up above guys. It would be doing other members a great favor.

I'm getting along, now just trying to get subframe straightened. That's the real pisser, 2 hour old bike , and I have to replace handlebars and fix a bent subframe. What a idiot..

Thanks for asking.


I put the reed/henry bend pro-tapers on mine, i like them a bit better than stock...and you can find them locally. i got mine from cycle gear... gonna have the stockers as backup - hoping i dont need them anytime soon :applause:


While you are healing up... you need to let someone keep your bike "active".

No, seriously heal up quick and we will see you back out there soon.


What if we don't live by the sea? Just kidding

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