2006 450F ride report


Slow, fat 216#, 5' 10", old (46), Intermediate MX Racer (OTHG #112g)

Previous MX bikes, 1999 YZ 400F, 2002 YZ 250F, 2003 YZ 450F, 2005 CRF 450.

Last main ride 2005 CRF 450

Currant rides, 2006 YZ 250F & 450F

Just picked her up last night. First ride today.

Track - Adelanto 395, Ca

weather - 60

soil - loamy sand

Bike set up - stock no changes, did not even mess with clickers or sag :p (i will set her up next ride, felt to GOOD)

Euros, this bike feels sooooo narrow, very easy to slide up on the tank. no complaint about bar height???? felt a little taller than normal. Controls awesome. My boot did slide under rear brake pedal once today??????

Brakes good as can be, one finger front brake all day, rear brakes good. no brake stalling, but I'm very used to clutch control with braking.

Tires, Dunlops, rear 756 great, front 739 not bad????????, I changed to the 756 on my 250F and I still could not get the front end to stick on the baby f. The front end STUCK all day, inside or outside, VERY SURPRISED.

Power, SMOOTH!!!!!!!! No hit at all. Engine very comparable to my 99 400 smoothness, still STRONG!!!!!!!!!! can rev or lug, pick your choice. If you like the 03 hit, this motor is not for you. If you like POWER, this motor will work.

I rode the track in 2,3,4 gears all day, could lug in one gear if you want. Second gear for tight corners and Fourth gear for the 80' step up. No excess shifting like the CRF wanted.

Suspension; after breakin, felt soft. I liked the soft feeling, allowed for the front in to set into a corner and carve. I over and under jumped for the first few laps, it soaked them up GREAT. I over jumped the 80' step up, which is 120' to clear :p which is not in my book, so on the first try, I jumped about 110' (never in my life had I been there before, it was the smoothness landing. I will definitely send the susp to ENZO, I just hope I don't lose that initial soft feeling. I just need it a little stiffer at the end of the stroke to pick up those over/under jumping :lol: I could race with this susp as is.

Turning; I sux at turns. THIS IS THE BEST TURNING BIKE I HAVE RODE since my 2002 YZ 250F. This bike will turn underneath my 06 YZ 250F all day. I have never been able to take inside rut/turns with any 450. This bike will take the inside line ALL DAY. I could not turn on my CRF (it was me!!!!!!, but I still could not turn) BTW, I'm having a hard time turning on my 2006 250F as well. I did not bring out the 250F to compare, I wish I did, so I could compare on equal tracks.

Jumps; this bike feels so LIGHT that I was over jumping all the jumps. After three laps I had all the jumps down (two jumps I never felt comfortable on my CRF) I did on the 3rd lap, then I started to whip it :p , maybe only 5 inches, but it felt like a RC/Bubba whip to me............... :p


This is the BEST 450 I've ever rode (I have not rode a KTM or Kawi). I switch bikes with my bro (2005 Zuki 450) which I rode when it was new back to back with my CRF. The Zuki felt great againest my CRF 6 months ago. I did one lap on the Zuki today and parked her. My bud would not get off the YZ he did 6 more laps, I finally got the water hose and washed him off my bike. The Zuki feels 3" wider than the YZ. I never felt comfortable on the CRF?????.

This YZ bike was MADE FOR ME :applause:


the YZ feels like a 2002 YZ 250F with a 400 motor. It's the PERFECT Vet bike, Light, Smooth power and TURNS. If you like a HARD hit, it's not for you or put on a pipe and maybe new ignition. This bike is PERFECT for me in STOCK trim. The 2003 YZ 450F is a BEAST, the 2006 YZ 450F is the BEAUTY :ride:

Dislikes; rubberband needs changing

Thanks for your report. Sounds like it's also perfect for me, maybe I'll learn the RC/Bubba whip too :applause:

Rubberband = stock chain?? :ride:

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