Dial a Jet?

Thumper Produts

Has anybody used this Dial a Jet thingy? How does it work?



Been around for years, but I've never heard from anyone who used one either?

Been around for years, but I've never heard from anyone who used one either?

I've never seen or heard of this thing before.

Looks like it, in affect, adds another fuel circuit to the carb, but one that is externally plumbed, and therefore externally adjusted.

I thought at first glance that maybe the system changed all the jetting at once by altering the pressure in the fuel bowl, but the vent line in the pic actually feeds fuel to this adjustable emulsifier thingy...

...and that is the dial-a-jet.


These used to be advertised more for the street crowd. Probably because there weren't many high performance 4-strokes offroad in the past. I'm thinking I remember seeing these back as far as the early 90's, maybe they've been arond longer than that? Seems to me that it would slurp the junk from the bottom of the bowl, but I really have no idea how well they work.

These are very popular in sledding, and often work very well. I have never seen one on anything OTHER than a sowmobile though. The fuel supplied through the hose from the floatbowl to the intake bell is atomized earlier, supposedly resulting in better throttle response & overall power. Also, if you often ride in drastically different elevations/temperatures it would be easier to adjust jetting.(again, supposedly) Someone should be a guinne pig, and let us know how it works!

Some guy over at www.exriders.com been using it with great results.......I might get one.....

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