04 YZF 450 radiator lowering kit

I just upgraded from a 01 426 to a 04 450 . I missed out on all the magiazine hop up articals from 04 . so what is a good motocross set up . the bike came from a fast trail rider and has all the offroad goodies on it. engine wise it has a fuel screw,and i will get a quick shot cover. Im a 190 lb 40 year old intermediat vet class rider . I am intrested in lowering my rad like the 06 . do i have to replace the right rad like it looks . expensive ? and what about springs is the stock rate ok ? anything else ? this is the first time riding this computer thing . is ther really anyone out there? well that is alll about summer right now im off to ride my moutian sled into the last frontier.

pwr in Australia make lowered radiators for the '04. they are greater capacity and 30% more efficient.


They cost $350 Australian each. Cheaper than OEM here.

I don't know about any lowering kit?

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