'87 XR600R parts compitable w/ '86XL frame?


I have noticed a crack in the frame of my '87 XR600R. I have found a possible frame for the bike but it is a '86 XL600R frame. Are these frames the same? Are they close enough ?Will the parts of my XR fit on to the XL frame, motor, swingarm, air box, triple clamps and forks etc? What should I be cautioned about?

Thanks for your replies and info, Todd

The frames arent the same. Theyve got different head angles. The parts may bolt on though. The engine will fit.

Start cross referencing part numbers on Crotchrocket.com. They list the acutal Honda pn's so you should be able to see whats what. And the drawings are amazingly accurate too.

XR650L parts are pretty much the same as the XR600R, however, so make sure you expand your search to include the BRP-L!


I know the seats and tank mount differently. The swingarm will fit.

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