Custom graphics for XR650R are done!

Just wanted to post a picture of the custom graphics that XGX Graphics just finished for my bike, and thank Ryan and the people at XGX for all the work they did. Most places I emailed when I was looking to have custom graphics made never got back to me or had generally poor customer service. However, XGX was the only company that was on top of things. To say they were fast is an understatement; with my description of what I wanted, the first version of these graphics were in my email box the day after I made the initial call! So anyway, here they are; came out exactly as I was hoping:


Since Throttle Jockey didn't make the woodpecker graphics for the XR650R, I had XGX make a version for the 650R with a bit more red/black and with my sponsor's logo. Once again, extremely pleased and I would recommend them to anyone. Thanks!

Sweet lookin bike Naru.

Stand out graffics too. :applause:

XGX is working on mine as well. :ride:

Looks great :applause::ride:

What make is the skid plate :p

I want one of those.That is a very cool lookin ride.

Nice, do they have that pattern available for reproduction or is that a one time thing?

Ditto! Is that pattern available? Great looking stuff!


Looks great :applause::ride:

What make is the skid plate :p


The skid plate is made by Pro Armor, and is an excellent plate that uses the stock mounting bolts. However, Pro Armor recently discontinued all of their motorcycle skid plates (including this one), and only had ~10 left a month ago, so you might want to call them sooner than later. They run ~$100, but I haggled with the sales lady and got 15% off since they are clearing them out.

Ditto! Is that pattern available? Great looking stuff!


The pattern is available through XGX for a reprint fee of $150 (which is what I paid for the second set for my other XR). However, there are a few tweaks that need to be done to them relating to the resolution before anyone on here should order them, which will be fixed by the end of next week. So, if anyone is interested, I'll respond to this post next week when the graphics are fixed so that anyone who wants a set can order them. :applause:

Finally.... a decent-looking oversized tank.

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